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Blush Performance Truck Tire C Ring - Black

Blush Performance Truck Tire C Ring - Black


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Perform like a Stud and look like one too. Slip the Truck Tire over your Man Tool to prolong pleasure and keep your tool rock hard. Part of our high end Performance line The Truck Tire is made from our super elastic X5 Plus material, Truck Tire is soft and stretchy to fit any man. Put a little style on your Rod and keep it hard for all night play. You will love it and so will your partner.
0.75 Inch Inner Diameter, and 2.5 Inch Outer Diameter.
Extra Thick: 0.85 Inch.
Super Stretchy to Fit Almost Any Size.
Made from TPE. Contains no Fragrances, Phthalates, Paraffins or Latex.