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Let’s start with the number 1 question: 

Is squirting peeing? 

In 2014, a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine studied seven self-identified squirters to figure this question out. 

Here is how they found out that it was "diluted urine". At the beginning of the study, the 7 women completely emptied their bladders and gave a urine sample. Ultrasounds confirmed that their bladders were empty. After that, they were put into "exam rooms" and pleasured themselves or were pleasured by a partner, until right before climax. This took about 25-60 minutes. Once they were aroused, the researchers took another ultrasound. Here they found that their bladders had indeed filled back up- this could also be because time just went by. The researcher then left the room, and the woman continued to pleasure herself/be pleasured until vajaculation (until they "squirted"). Their bladders were checked again after squirting, and voila! Liquid in the bladder dissapeared! A vanishing trick we all do several times a day! 

To summarize it: 7 women had full bladders consisting of urine. They emptied their bladders by peeing and then confirmed that their bladders were empty by ultrasound. They were sexually aroused and the bladder was then filled again, also confirmed by ultrasound. After squirting, the bladder was then again empty, as it was in the beginning after peeing, confirmed by the ultrasound.

The researchers analyzed the liquid that came from squirting in the lab and found that it had the same chemical composition as urine. The chemical analysis showed that it originated in the kidneys, just like urine. 

So you tell me- is squirting peeing? 

Sorry to break it to some of you, especially the men, but maybe it's not such an accomplishment and we shouldn't put squirting on a pedestal because you're just making a girl pee. I'm not really sure why people are saying it isn't pee, just because it's "diluted". That's like a guy pissing, diluting it with water and throwing it on me. No thanks! That's just my preference though! I totally see the other side too! especially because it happens so rarely. 

I think this can also answer the question of: Can every woman squirt? Cause that's basically asking: Can every woman pee? Yes. Once again, imo. 

Next question: Is squirting the same as "female ejaculation?"

No. A lot of people think that female ejaculation and squirting is interchangeable, but it seems as if it isn't (especially now that we found out squirting is peeing). 

Like I said, squirting comes from the bladder and out of the urethra (like pee, because it is pee) and female ejaculation is a much smaller concentration of liquid that occurs in the vagina. Female ejaculation comes from the female prostate and can happen with or without an orgasm. Sometimes it's such a tiny amount and can get pushed back into the vagina that you don't even know it's there or that it happened. It is possible to squirt and ejaculate at the same time!

How do you squirt or make a woman squirt?

Just pretend like you're on a toilet. Tell her to pee. 

Even if it is pee, do you. If you like pissing during sex or like being pissed on, do you R. Kelly. For those of you that aren't squirting, you actually are, several times a day :) 


  • Medically, we are told that when a woman squirts it’s a mixture of cum and urine. Truth is every woman’s body is different. So some may be more urine than cum, or just urine. Some may be more cum, or just natural spring water.

  • Lmao who wrote this?!? I squirt and no it doesn’t feel like peeing…it’s a zillion times better! Maybe it has pee in it, but is not in of itself pee. It’s not like a flow you just “let go”, it’s a shaking, quaking, explosion of an orgasm! Only 1/10 of us can do it…maybe someone who has experienced it for themselves should be the one writing about it…

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  • I f*cking knew it…
    I always saw squirting in porn an thought it was hot af & jealous because I couldn’t. Then one time I felt like I was finally going too but stopped myself from “squirting” when I felt the urge because I felt like I was going to pee & be embarrassed. 😔 But then I finally found a man who told me just go with the “flow” & let it happen, so I did & had the most intense orgasm of my life & it has happened almost every time since. But now that I’m reading this & know it IS just pee, I don’t want to do it anymore because that’s kinda gross, but I can’t stop it because my body is trained to just let It go now. 🤦‍♀️
    Plus he loves it an feels “manly” everytime it happens. Does this mean we both have a pee fetish now? ROFL
    I want to read this to him but then I’m afraid those magical orgasms will stop because he will be grossed out by it. Gah! LOL


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