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iPhone, iPad, iTunes. Whats Next? iSex.

And you thought that your buddy's 2018 New Year's Resolution couldn't be achieved! Yes, sex with robots is now possible. Of course one of the first factories that specialized in sex dolls is in Los Angeles! 
Apparently the "original idea" was more of an art project than a prototype for a sex robot. Mr. McMullen, head of the US-based company RealBiotics says that he "wanted to create a super high-end opposable mannequin that would make people look twice thinking it was a real person. It had nothing to do with a sex toy or anything like that." Suuuuuure ;)
The doll is currently still in development. It is interchangeable and customizable, not only with genitals, but identities (faces). They hope to, at some point, be able to change anything and everything about them. 
As of now, they can turn and tilt their heads, blink their eyes, look side-to-side and up and down. They can also move their mouths, smile, their eyebrows can go up and down. 
They are conversational, you can talk to them about almost anything and they'll have something to say back. Kinda like Siri, Alexa, or Cortana, but more personalize. They are a little more beyond just the linguistic parts and can react to the environment. The traits of their personality are also customizable so that the reactions will be different based on the choices made. 
They're also working on adding additional sensors such as touch, vision, and touch sensors all over the body and surround sound hearing. 
"So if you turn off the lights, she will know the lights are off. If you lay her down she will know that she is laying down", says McMullen. "If you bring an unfamiliar person into the room she will know she doesn't know that person because she will have the ability to save faces of people she has met and have a file associated with them that has all of their information". 
Right now, there is an app that people have already downloaded and people are conversing with their future dolls ahead of the release. When the robot is out and available, these people will be able to connect the AI that they've been talking to and connect it to a robot! All of their conversations and information will be saved. 
"She is going to ask fairly simple questions such as "Where were you born? How old are you? Do you have children? What's your favorite food? What's your favorite movie", says McMullen. She'll remember all of the answers. 
What do you guys think about sex robots? If you've tried one out let us know!



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